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Valve Core Removal Tool Presta

Valve Core Removal Tool Presta
Tubeless Valve Core Removal Tool PrestaValve Core Removal Tool with Aluminium Tubeless ValvesValve Core Removal Tool

Valve Core Removal Tool Presta

Our Valve Core Removal Tool for Presta Tubeless Valve Stems are small, lightweight and compact, allowing mountain bikers and cyclists to easily add the tool to their backpack or pockets for trail or road side valve core removal.

By providing a valve core removal tool with your tubeless valves, your customers will be able to add a faster burst of air into the tire when initially installing their tubeless tires, making it easier to seat the tire bead on the rim and form a seal.

Small and made of plastic, our Presta valve core removal tool won't be a significant weight addition to your product packaging. Want to know more? Contact us today.