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Riding one hour, Life will be extended one more hour.

riding girl

Riding one hour, extend life one more hour.

Study finds dutch bikers live 6 month longer than non-riders

Did you know that average cyclists can live six months longer than those who don’t cycle? According to a new study program by World Health Organization in the Netherlands, a one-hour bike ride can add the same amount of time to one’s life.  Thus, if you have not cycled ever, it is time to buy a cycle. If that bicycle of yours lies forgotten in your backyard or garage,e better give it some respect as well as enhance the longevity of your life.  Moreover, cycling can help save millions of lives every year, not only for those who are riding them but also others. More people traveling by bike would mean lesser vehicles on the road and lower traffic as well as pollution. Every year, thousands of people get killed because of car accidents and especially children based on news reports. It would also mean lesser reliability on motor vehicles and oil imports from oil-producing countries in the Middle East.

just ride

Living life longer and healthier

Dutch people are known to enjoy longer and healthier lifestyle because of their affinity for cycling. An average person here cycles for about 75 minutes each week, and this is what makes their culture a lot healthier as compared to their non-biking counterparts. There are more bicycles than residents in cities like Amsterdam and Hague. People here prefer to complete their journeys bike. You will come across all sorts of bikes here, bikes with pedal back brakes or a granny style bike complete with a wicker basket.

bike in life

The government policy makers fast realize the significance of promoting cycling, and the figures are there for everybody to see. An investment in bikes, cycles and cycle paths can prove to be much better and healthier for the nation.  The country can make enormous health benefits and cut down on pollution as well. There are potential financial savings as the health care costs go down. As more people get on their bicycles, the air quality gets improved, there is less of that noise pollution and reduced traffic on the roads. Countries like Netherlands are already setting good examples for others to follow.

Hence, if you are looking forward to spending your golden years healthier and independently, then the sooner you get on the bicycle, the better. Regular bicycling can certainly do wonders for your health and add months to your life.

How does cycling work for your body?

Research news states that regular cycling can help lose weight, lower stress and raise the overall fitness levels. Millions of people ride a bicycle each month, but there are many more who simply don’t. Cycling carries a broad appeal as a form of exercise and anybody of any group can enjoy cycling, provided they have the right equipment. Include cycling into your daily routine and you will simply love this form of transport. There is no need for you to make extra time for exercise as you bike toward your office, the school or run errands.

dirty weekend with bicycle

The low-impact type of exercise saves you money, is good for the environment and keeps you healthy too.  There is no need to spend hundreds on those gyms as you can remain in shape by just cycling regularly. An hour’s riding can help you burn more than 650 calories. Isn’t that awesome? Moreover, you keep your legs, things and bottom well-toned and trim. Most people have trouble reducing flab from their thighs and bottom. Cycling regularly can help work on those areas. And, you can also work your upper body if you cycle up hills. For those looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness should ride at least 150 minutes every week. You could take smaller rides every day or go for a longer ride at the weekend. Within weeks, you can see some wonderful results.

Buying the right bike

People buy cycles or bikes for different reasons.  it may be a necessity while others get a bike as a hobby or for their fitness programs. When you start exploring the market, you are sure to get overwhelmed by the options available.  After all, when you buy a bike, you will also need to know how to take good care of it or from where to buy certain parts or components if needed. Avoid getting confused when buying a cycle and make the right decision.

bike equipments

Base your choices on your needs and budget. Perhaps you are looking for a city bike or a bike for the mountain, road or a hybrid. Next aspect is your cycling goals.  Focus on questions about why you need a bike or what you want to accomplish. The choices get pretty straightforward if one is more interested in exploring off the road, your choice is pretty simple.  They can go for a bicycle with a flat handlebar, knobby tires, strong brakes as well as higher shock-absorbing suspension that can deal with those rough, unpredictable trails.  However, if you expect to spend most of the time insides on the city pavements, there are more options available.  You can go for a road bike, a commuter, or a hybrid, depending on your goals.

girl with bicycle

Most road bikes carry a curved handlebar and have smooth tires. Hybrids take an upright riding position, disc brakes plus thick tires that offer comfort and stability. They’re lightweight and fun to ride. Commuter bikes carry stylish fashion accessories and have different utilitarian features such as rack and fender mounts and low-maintenance drivetrains. Thus, the final decisions would be based on where you are riding and what is your purpose. Focus on how hard, how long, and where you want to ride.

Safety tips when cycling

Safety under riding is a easy & tough problem everybody know it, everyday accident happens. how much you did ?

1, look behind before they turn, overtake or stop

2, There are certain arm signals to give turning right or left.

3, Can not ride on the pavement if there’s a sign that says you can’t.

4, Watch out for car doors opening suddenly, especially when overtaking parked cars.

5, Never use a mobile phone or headphones while cycling.

6, Make sure that the helmet sits snugly on your head and is positioned correctly as well as securely fastened by straps.

7, Regular inspection to Keep your bike in good condition and buy top quality parts or components. 




we are talking nonsense? maybe or not !


bike girl without helmet

Excuse me, where is your helmet ? what you are listening?


we are so pride

34mm Red Aluminium Tubeless Valve Stem

34mm Red Aluminium Tubeless Valve Stem

we WISTIO is so pride to be a bike components manufacturer and with them you can be sure of the excellent products and services all the time and every time. we do hope that we can bring cyclist entertainment because of high quality Alloy & brass made presta tubeless valve. though it is a very small part, it is also very important, we do respect cyclists’ safety based on our high quality valves.


i love bike

Cycling is a serious outdoor activity. Whether you’re a first-time cyclist, or a regular cycling commuter, mountain biker, everyone should enjoy cycling. Get advice on the right way to train with the help of bicycle as well as for its maintenance. Join a local cycling club in your area and go for organized bike rides. Turn your hobby into something more competitive and do well for the environment as well as for your body and health. Buy the right bike for yourself as well as know how to keep it in good condition. Ultimately, you will end up with much good health and enjoy a fuller and healthier life for years to come.

riding for life extending

Join Cycling, Roll good time, extend our life !

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  1. Sounds like it could be a really fun trip! Depending on where you intned to start and finish, this could be a 600 plus mile ride. From what you’ve described, it sounds like you all may be looking at something like a 10-12 day jaunt. Logistics of a long bicycle tour like this can be pretty daunting. To me a key to success is asking yourself a bunch of questions about how you want to do the ride. Answers to these questions determine much about the equipment and food you’ll need.First off do you really want to camp? Camping means you need: a good quality tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, toiletries, camp stove, eating/cooking utinsels, towels, etc., etc., etc. This isn’t an insurmountable problem, but it means you’ve got to carry lots of equipment with you. (Plus, you’ve got to buy, beg, borrow or steal all the gear you’ll need to camp.) You’ll need racks on your bicycles and panniers to carry everything. Can you get all of this stuff? It also means planning your trip around places you can camp. Would you prefer to stay in hotels? This means somewhat less stuff to carry, but is a lot more expensive. Again, you’ll need to plan your route to get you within range of places you can stay. Plus, you’ll be going through somewhat larger towns where you can find hotels and other places to stay. As an emergency precaution, I’d want to have sleeping bags, and emergency shelter, etc. in case I got lost or simply coundn’t make it to a planned hotel. So, you’ve still got to carry some of the same stuff as if you are planning to camp all the time. If you book places in advance, to insure you have a room, you lose a lot of flexibility in your trip. If you come down through the mountains like the Blue Ridge Parkway, there aren’t a lot of places to stay on the parkway. Thus, you may wind up having to climb to the parkway in the morning and descend to a town and a hotel in the evenings. How and what do you want to eat on the trip? You’re going to work up a powerful hunger riding 50-10 miles per day. It is cheaper to plan on making your own meals, but you’ll have to stop in grocery and convenience stores along the way to get supplies. In the country, you won’t be able to count on finding your favorite gels, etc. so you’ll have to stock up on those up front. Fast foods and restaurants are more expensive, but convenient.Do you want to go flatlands or mountains? The beauty of an east coast tour is you can choose to do either (or both.) As you know, summer in the East is hot and sticky. If you go up in the mountains it’ll be much cooler, but the riding will be vastly harder.Are you all capable of a ride of this magnitude? This type of ride requires a lot of physical and mental strength. You really ought to take at least one multi-day shake down trip prior to making this ride. With luck, the weather on your shake down trip will be horribly windy and rainy one day then incredibly hot and humid. This will give you a great idea of how horrid it can be! If you enjoy yourself and all of your equipment works out well, you’ll know you can handle whatever comes. There are lots of other things to consider and get together, but this should get you started with your planning.

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