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Trusted by Tubeless Valve Importers

As tubeless tires take the mountain biking and cycling world by storm, tubeless valve importers across the world seek manufacturers and suppliers that not only provide high quality products, but have a deeper understanding of the industry and the business requirements that are unique to each importer.

Wistio is Trusted by Tubeless Valve Importers Across the World

While we commonly work with importers in Western Europe and North America, we enjoy building strong working relationships with valve importers across in Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions. We take pride in our understanding of your business needs and do our very best to take these into consideration when working with you.

Please note that our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 1000pcs per item/color. As a Tubeless Valve Supplier, we are unable to supply smaller orders. For this we recommend ordering our valves through a tubeless valve importer in your country.

Things to Know Before
Importing Tubeless Valves


Even the best product can be damaged during shipping if packaged improperly. Brass Tubeless Presta Valve Stems are ultra durable without a colored finish, meaning they can be packaged “loose”. Our Aluminium Tubeless Valve Stems on the other hand, need to be protected to avoid damage during freight and shipping. This is due to the anodized finish on the aluminium tubeless valves.

Wistio ships aluminium tubeless valves using a plastic pallet. Each valve fits into a tight slot, pallets stack together and the order is packaged securely in strong cardboard cartons to protect from breakage or damage to the finish of the valves.

Production Lead Times

At Wistio, we will always do our best to meet or exceed your needs, however in order to avoid disappointment we ask importers to be aware of our standard one month lead time. This may vary from product to product and sometimes we may have stock available in a standard size. Please contact us today for up to date information on our production lead times.


Wistio ships tubeless valves from our company in China. We work with shipping agents such as DHL, UPS and TNT to ensure the best possible price, service, delivery time and lowest import duties. We will send you a tracking number as soon as the order is processed. Typical delivery times are within 3-5 business days.

Product Inspection Report

We take quality seriously so as a quality control measure, every shipment is subject to a Product Shipment Inspection Report. Please follow the link for an example report.

We take a sample of each order and check that they meet our tight tolerances and high standards.

Importing Tubeless Valves is Easy with Wistio

We want to make importing easy for you. Simply choose your favorite products and contact us today to discuss your business needs.