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Top 6 Supplier of Presta Tubeless Valve

wistio valves

Top 6 Supplier of Presta Tubeless Valve

Right place to sourcing tubeless valve / Market analysis

Transportationsystem are always evolving. There are always new car models coming out every year and each one likely has new technology that was not included in last year’s model. Likewise, bicycle transportation is always evolving. One area that has been evolving is the invention of tubeless tires. These tires mount directly onto the rims without the need of a separate inner tube. These tubeless systems are an evolutionary step from the outdated and unnecessary glue-on tubular systems from the previous years. These tubeless systems virtually eliminate flats as well as giving the rider tires that roll faster and smoother.

The Majority of these tubeless systems rely on a valve system, a sealant and rim strips or tape. In this article, we will be discussing different tubeless valve suppliers and what they have to offer.
You may be a cyclist, or Bikeshop / wheels rims wholesales , you will know which place to purchase tubeless valve in following time:


  1. Stans
  2. Mavic
  3. American Classic
  4. Amazon
  5. Speed-evolution

—————————————————————–Right Place——————————————————–

  • Stan’s

Stan’s is famous brand in tubeless filed. They almost covered all series of tubeless for bicycles.

They sales 44mm Tubeless Road Valve Stem offers a removable valve core for easier inflation.

These are designed for use with tires with oversized valve holes from 8 to 9.1 mm diameters.

They also offer a Universal 35 mm Mountain Valve Stem compatible with BST models and other tubeless models.

This product fits up to an 8 mm valve hole and is sold as a pair. Stan’s NoTubes are a good quality product and they offer brass tubeless valves.

Unfortunately, they do not sales Alloy made valves.



pairs package

pairs package

  • Mavic

Mavic offers a UST dismountable valve. The valve offers a removable valve core for an easy sealant installation.

With these types of valves, the UST valves must be changed once a year to ensure a tight seal on the UST system.

There are two versions available: one with a round stem that is compatible with 2012 and newer Crossmax SLR, SX and ST and the 2013 Crosstrail.

The product also includes a square stem for an older version. Same with STANS, they also do not sales Alloy tubeless valve.




  • American Classic

American Classic offers tubeless valves made from aluminum.

These valves are designed with a large o-ring to contour a rim surface that offers an airtight seal. The valves also offer a core that is removable for installing a sealant.

A smooth inner valve provides a wide, rounded base makes it easy to insert sealant into the tire. From this point, the valve core can be hand tightened into place.

The sealant is sold in a pack of pairs in 36mm or 46 mm long. The valves are also red and are sold in pairs.

However, we did not find any other color & length, for example, Green/Black/Blue/Golden or 34mm / 40mm…etc.

American classic

American classic

  • Amazon

If you donot know brand name of tubeless valve, you could search “tubeless valve “onto Amzaon, Amazon offers a wide array of tubeless stem valves. On Amazon, you can purchase American Classic Tubeless Wheels Valve Stems,

Stan’s NoTubes Tubeless Valve Stems, Stan’s NoTubes 35 mm Presta Universal Valve Stem, OrangeSealCycling RCV Presta Valve Stems,

Slime 2080-A Rubber Tire Valve Stems, WTB TCS Presta Valve stems and Superlight Alloy Speed Evolution Tubeless Tire Valve Stems.

Consumers who are interested in buying 2 pieces or 10 pieces to use for yourself, Amazon is a great reseller for these parts.

Amazon tubeless valve

Amazon tubeless valve


  • Speed Evolution

Speed Evolution offers aluminum valves featuring a patent-pending larger recessed locking

O-ring, with a larger diameter to offer more airflow and allows for less plugging that is typically caused by the tubeless sealant.

Speed Evolution’s valves are removable to easily inflate and add sealant for the rim. These aluminum valves are lightweight.

In fact,they weight half the weight of brass valves and come in a variety of colors such as red, pink, green and gold. If you’re into bike customization,

you’ll love those valve colors. These valves are high quality, but they are a higher price than typical bike valves.

Speed evolution

Speed evolution


WISTIO is the leading tubeless valve manufacturer, provides tubeless valves to clients in many different countries in North America, Australasia and Europe.

WISTIO’s tubeless presta valve stems feature a large vulcanized rubber base to seal Presta and Schrader valve holes that fit most rims perfectly.

Customized length 34mm to 80mm, with color Black/Red/Green/Blue/Golden. Got high reputation from U.K / U.S / Netherlands / Spain…etc customer (distributors).

WISTIO colorful valves

WISTIO colorful valves


WISTIO generally request MOQ 1000pcs/item/color. We are your best choice for bikeshop or wheels factory/wholesales.



Brand Material Color Length Qaulity Minimum Order Quantity Price
Stans Brass / Alloy Brass/RedBlue/Black 34mm/36mm/44mm Good 1Piar(2Pcs) 300% higher than WISTIO
American Classic
WISTIO Brass / Alloy Brass/Red/Blue/Black/Green/Golden Standard size:34mm/36mm/40mmCustomized :34mm-80mm (Max size) Good 1000Pcs LowAsk Price: info@wistio.com


Canada Cyclist review WISTIO valve:

WISTIO Reviews


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