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cycling in winter

winter cycling with wistio presta valve

Cycling In Winter

Cycling In Winter – Continue the Fun!

Many people often wonder if it is a good idea to go cycling in winter. It is freezing and sometimes the weather is a deterring factor in going on a bike. The numbers do dwindle in the long cold season, what with thousands of people cycling in summer. People shift their mode of transport to a transit pass or car when temperatures fall below 0 C. According to the recent surveys, there are a good 30 to 40 per cent of cyclists that continue to bike the year-round. The welcoming news is that those numbers are rising. It means that more people are ready to brave the harsh and numbing cold for the love of cycling.

fatbike in winter

Rediscovering the joy of winter

Cycling in winters is definitely a unique experience. It is like feeling the winters and the snow in a whole new way. The snow is falling gently, and it is really quiet and peaceful out there. This is really a good way to get some exercise in winter as well as warm up. Moreover, sometimes the public transport doesn’t work because of a very snowy winter and cycling is the only option left for some people. People find it pretty amazing to cycle during the winters and enjoy the ride on their bike. However, they need to be extra cautious about the road bike valve stem as well as the notubes valves that can be used to enjoy seamless biking.

The cities are getting aware of the new need of their dwellers and are already helping them out to keep riding right through the winter. For example, there are already smartphone app tracks to show those bikers as to where bike paths to clear and which roadsare frequented more than others.  The cyclists are advised to keep their bikes in good working condition as well as use their judgment about safety, especially when roads are covered with snow and ice.  One of the added benefits of cycling is to not to worry about parking as well as get added benefit of exercise. Moreover, when you know that you have a more reliable mode of transport, you get less anxious about reaching your destination in time.

enjoyable winter cycling

 No more fear of the winter

Today, one comes across more people riding in the winter every year. It is only great to see them motivated to brave those winters and cycle to wherever they have to go. It is considered that the primary reasons that discourage people from cycling in the winter include the cold temperatures along with the fear of low visibility and low visibility. Moreover, that extra snow on streets can force the cyclists and drivers to share a narrower space. Thus, statistically things can be more dangerous. However, a survey finds that majority of cycling accidents take place during the spring and summer months. There is actually only a minor percent of those cycling deaths that have occurred in the winter months. Thus, if you are an avid biker, you need not fear those long winter months and can enjoy cycling during winter.

It may seem like a crazy idea, but it is true that more and more people have started bicycling in winters. The sooner the idea gets normalized, the higher will be the people out on the roads in winters and cycling. In case you plan to cycle in winters, it is essential to make sure that you are bike-ready for it. Many cyclists change their tires so that they can have better grip. Another small tip that you maybe have few pairs tubeless valve in store, to avoid something unexpected happened, The idea is to enjoy your cycling trip with a fear mind and knowing that you and your bike are in excellent condition. It is common to see those fat winter bikes out on the roads in winters. Studded tires are great for cities that get lots of snow.

Here are some more tips for those planning a cycling trip in winters.

  • Apart from keeping your bike in good condition, you must take a good look at what you are wearing. Always dress in layers and wear padded, insulated gloves.
  • Wear good warm socks and hat to keep the body warm.
  • You can wear a wool long-sleeve shirt under neath a sweatshirt to get more layers and warmth.
  • Waterproof outer layers can help you remind dry and warm. If the days are dull and dark, it helps to wear reflective clothing or a safety vest over your regular clothes to get more visible.


winter cycling dress

Frequent cycling on the snowy roads adds to your practice and confidence. You can always take an alternative route if the mainroadisa bit too crowded for your liking. It ‘s hard to keep control, especially on a wet road. So, keep a slow but confident pace when you cycle. It is true that winters can be tough on your bicycle and cycling.  However, if you keno that your bike is in good condition, you need not worry about any of your cycling woes. There is no need to be unreasonable and masochist about the whole thing. If you feel that some days are not just good for cycling in winters, simply hop on a bus or drive your car.

wistio winter cycling

Most people have forgotten to enjoy winters and have lost that connection with it. We avoid winters, and it doesn’t seem like welcoming idea to go out in the cold, especially when it is snowing. There is a bit of fear that has got inside all of us about the winters. This is the reason perhaps why the number of cyclists out on the roads goes down during the winter. However, when those cyclists in winters were asked about their experience, they admitted that it is tough but is certainly an enjoyable experience and not all that extreme as it is made out to be.

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