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Tire Suspension inserts Review

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2017-2018 hot MTB Tubeless Products–Tire Suspension inserts

Here we introduce five foam tires of the latest technology for you to be safe from eventualities. You will enjoy your ride with puncture resistant technology. You will never have punctured tires. Goodbye to flat tires.



CUSHCORE is the best when it comes to the rate of protection it has to offer at low pressure. The only problem is that installation of this device is harder than that of the others.


CUSHCORE scores four over five in its star rating because of how useful it is. The pair inc sidehole Cushcore designed tubeless valves is approximately 112 or 149 US dollars. The dry weight is 266g, while its wet weight is 271g with sealant.

The “inner-tire suspension system” as it famously called by the manufacturers, has the highest effect on quality of ride than any other in the competition list.

Its use of low-density foam to achieve its aim than the others makes it, and the way it protects the rim bed too is unique. It functions as a cushion in cases of an impact. That is not all; it absorbs part of the energy as if it were a damper.

cushcore tubeless tire suspension system

cushcore tubeless tire suspension system

When compared to others in rocky terrain, it offers a more controlled and a quieter result. The ability of CUSHCORE to push against a tire’s sidewalls makes it more stable and puncture resistant than the others.

This system allows you to use lower pressured tires. And you will feel an added damping compression click to your shock.  This feel is because it wants to resist puncturing as well as ensure sidewall stability. CUSHCORE normally squirms a little while cornering hard rocks at pressures as low as 23psi or 21.5psi. So if you try lower pressures, it will still withstand it.

With the impact cushioning, it can do well in a rock square-edge test without the insert. At 23psi, and at 21.5psi, the rim is still ok.  This device is highly rated by the users who after many trials find it sturdy and durable. This tire provides excellent protection against puncture than the others.

If not that it is hard to fit in tires with thick-casting as well as narrow rims, it has no other fault against it.

Cushcore tubeless tire insert foam valve

Cushcore tubeless tire valve

CUSHCORE is the best so far when it comes to bump-absorption, sidewall stability, and rim protection.  Fitting a 2.5 inches tire (MAXXIS EXO) will take at least ten minutes to mount the internal rim of about thirty millimeters and about twenty minutes to install a twenty-five millimeters rim. But all these stress is negligible when you think of the work done when it protects your tire from a puncture, absorbs bumps and give sidewall stability, unlike the others. This is the reason for rating CUSHCORE as the best performing at low pressure.  CUSHCORE takes a nearly half cross-sectional area of the rim bed to give maximum protection.


Cushcore special valve is a tubeless air valve that is made to complement the insert for perfection. The air route is T-shaped and not a simple hole. Its function is to prevent the tire insert from blocking the flow of air through the valve. The body of the valve is CNC machined from aluminum 6061 T-6, tapered rubber with the collar firmly bonded at the sealing point. To add the sealant, you remove the valve core.




  • CUSHCORE takes the third class in weight and cost but the overall best in performance. The performance is in the area of rim protection and trail feel.
  • Cushcore minimizes chatter vibrations to the feet and hands.
  • If it comes to harsh edges, it gives zero stings.
  • This device is the best when you are testing for curb smash and sidewall support
  • The large insert volume enables it to offer the best sidewall support.



  • To install this system is not easy
  • Removal is also difficult.



FLAT TYRE DEFENDER is invented to solve the problem of high-level downhill as well as endure racing.


FLAT TYRE DEFENDER is a circular tube with high-density foam which stretches to the rim and relaxes in its bed. Its dry weight is 293g, and the pressure with sealant is 297g. The pair inc no clog valves is approximately 151.8 or 169.8 US dollars It is a mountain bike and tire foam (insert). This tire reduces cases of a flat tire as well as rim damage. It enhances sidewall stiffness as well as improves traction. Flat tire defender has the feel of factory suspension. It prevents the effect of handlebar vibration and reduces arm pump.

FLAT TYRE DEFENDER is invented to solve the problem of high-level downhill as well as endure racing. It is essential for those listed races and more. The enduro version of the flat tire defender is as weighty as the others in the market. Whether you ride high or light, this tire will protect your rim to the last. It prevents puncture and dent damages to enable you to function well in your MTB Downhill as well as Enduro competitions.

Flat tire defender suspension system

Flat tire defender suspension system

Flat tire defender works on airspace to fine-tune it for the terrain. It helps lower side wall for better stability and cornering activities. This defender helps the tire to reduce burping by securing the tire beads. It dampens vibration as the bike moves over the hard terrain. The curved shape of this product is to enhance traction, handling of high speed as well as cornering. The rate of tire rollover is also minimized when it is cornering. The device compresses on the edge of the rim to reduce rim and tire damage when it is operating at a lesser pressure. This device stop bump actions creates cushion effect as the load which the tire is carrying increases. As it is doing that, the wheel vibration reduces too. The installation of this angel is a bit harder than that of the Huck Norris version but not too hard. It can be said to be mid-pack. The insert does not fit firmly to the rim as needed in running twenty-five to thirty millimeters. So the easy way is to press the tire to underneath rim bed.

The added padding in this product is noticeable as it hits the rocky areas with high speed. The bang and sting will not be felt at all because of this pad. The feeling it gives is like that of Huck Norris, but you can’t compare it to the popular Cushcore.

Its performance in sidewall stability is zero, and it may not stop burping. This is because it does not fit firmly between the beads of the tire on a wider rim.

When comparing it to others on our list of the top tires, it comes least, but it has its areas of specialties too. At 23psiin a rock square-edge test, it could not puncture. This means it can offer some protection as well. At 21.5psi, it was able to puncture.

Sometimes, it does not work. We tested it on a DT Swiss XM481 rim on a rock hit while the insert in its rear. The Schwalb Snakeskin got punctured in the front where it was.

No-Clog-NC40-valve-NEW-burst-registered-Wistio tubeless valve

Flat tire defender tubeless valve

Maybe this is because it is too skinny. So when it faces a terrible impact, it can’t withstand it like the other competitors. The newest version of it, DH 650b might perform better than the endure version though this version is tested as the heaviest. Though it has some things to offer, like the ease of installation as well as a reduction from trail chatter to clatter, you won’t use it for long-term competition.  

Flat Tire Defender



  • Flat tire defender is simple and has a unique design
  • It offers sidewall support that is not comparable to Huck Norris or cushcore
  • When it comes to rim protection, it is useful yet to a minimum
  • Flat tire defender gives high trail plus chatter damping
  • It is effortless to install.



  • The defender is very heavy when compared with the other inserts
  • The flat tire is difficult to remove though it is not as hard as the others



As the cheapest and simplest tire in the market, Huck Norris gives the rider the feeling of riding on foam when you are moving over rocks.


Huck Norris is cheap, light easy to install as well as simple to use. With Huck, you will not get familiar with flat tires. You stand to enjoy its light weight and supple tires. It can roll faster than most tires in the market. Huck rides over stones like they were flat land. This product neutralizes the fear of having a punctured tire.

Huck Norris will shield your rims. The tires will not succumb to substantial impacts because Huck Norris has damping which reduces and soaks up bump forces.

As the cheapest and simplest tire in the market, Huck Norris gives the rider the feeling of riding on foam when you are moving over rocks.  If you are riding Huck Norris without a system installed, it will quietly jam the rock. To inflate the tire, Huck will push the air so that it will boost the sidewalls at the rim first making inflation very easy. This product is not highly cushioned like most tires under this review. It is an excellent companion with its offer of useful protection to the rider.

When the protection you want is one wheel, Norris is the answer. It has a dry weight of 106g, although the valve is excluded in the pack. The star rating of Huck Norris is four out of five stars. And with sealant, its total weight is 115g. The expensive and tough downhill version of the Huck Norris tire was, and it is resistant to puncture with its anti-puncture insert.

The regular version of this tire is very light with a weight of 85g and sold very cheap. Two of it cost fifty-five pounds (£55). That is for those who need it for personal use. Racers should get the DH edition since it is worth the price at which it is sold. The high-density foam gives solid protection from puncture and damping.

Huck Norris makes negligible difference to squirm and sidewall stability if you are cornering. The DH version of Huck Norris offers more protection than the former version when it comes to puncture and rim management.

At 23psi, plus the insert in place, the tire will not experience puncture while at 21.5psi you might pick a pin in the tire but you will still finish whatever you are doing with it before you can replace it again.

Huck Norris can be comparable to Flat Tyre Defender when it comes to the ability to protect your tire from puncture. Though it is a bit higher in its level of protection, they both give the same ride feel.

huck norris tire suspension

huck norris tire suspension system

Huck Norris offers its best when it comes to protection, sidewall stability as well as cushioning. The only con it has more than the others is that it is very costly and more laborious to fix. The price is far more palatable than the others since it can be bought at a price that is cheaper like £40. It works better for those who need only rear wheel protection.

Huck Norris



  • HUCK NORRIS is simple and effective
  • NORRIS is the lightest tire insert in the market
  • It gives protection with no pinging sensation as you strike against the rock
  • This tire insert is the cheapest out of them all.
  • Installation, as well as removal, is very simple
  • It adds an exceptional level of sidewall support at low pressure.



  • The trail damping feel is not there unlike in the other tire inserts. And this is the only thing that made it not to get to the very top.



PROCORE continues running when punctured due to the internal chamber which offers emergency running with its high pressure.


Procore-in-tyre system is the fiddly but hugely rewarding, and most expensive tire-in-a-tire technology system available in the market. In the earlier days, low air pressure makes for better performance. But the only con against low-pressure tires was that it increases the risk of snake bites.

During those times the limit was approximately 1.5bar, and one cannot take the risk of riding on an MTB standard tire. This is since it does not take the lower pressure. Schwalbe’s Procore came into the picture with its two-chamber technology. Though it requires much tweaking the effort is worth the candle.

This tire has the highest star rating as the best tire enhancing and wheel protecting innovation. The only time you can enjoy this is when you are patient with your pocket filled. The two chamber technology allows you to spread air pressure in the device equitably over the chambers.

procore tubeless tire suspension system

procore tubeless tire suspension system

The outer chamber has air pressure that is totally low for off-road performance while the pressure inside the interior chamber which is on top of the rim is high. Even when you put a heavy load on it, the tire will still maintain its height, and there won’t be chances of snake bit.

This product generally loved due to it is game-changing as well as a character-changing addition to the tire the level of impact protection is high to the extent it will allow you to control the territory you would not have ventured into on common grounds.

Another aspect of this product that is eye-catching is installation which is as easy as it is straightforward. You can get this product if you are a habitual fettler who fights to the last of it all. Then you will eat the fruit of your labor from this beautiful device.

People run away from it only because they claim it is costly. Another issue is its super sensitive nature which means you will be changing the pressure at every ride.

The vision of Schwalbe’s manufacturers is to use a little volume and a high-pressure internal tire to safeguard the rim from within and to tighten the edges of larger tubeless-ready, or 2.3 inches tire correctly. This will make it not to burst or burp air against the tire rim as well as ensure a stable ride moment.

The high price for this tubeless kit is complemented by the special double position valve inside tubes with the liner tires that is inelastic. If the rim is greater than twenty-three millimeters wide in its inner section the set up is simple when you use the setup manual correctly.

This high-pressure in-tire technology built Schwalbe’s has a five-star rating in genuine quality and as a class leader. Then, those who said you should get it are four over five stars. Three stars go to customers who think that it will do the job well, while average star rating, below and poor rating is for those who underrate its ability. Do you know that nobody was of the opinion that it is not good?

Schwalbe’s is highly reactive to changes in pressure. With a force of five psi, the normal tire can separate in the way it rolls and cornering shape from a flaccid, mushy footprint that can grip firmly to make rollover the rock easy to a root-infested tire that stumbles in fumbles lines and corners.

The narrow pressure spot is ok if you keep it in the ranges of ten to twenty-five psi to suit your riding taste. Not only that, it is to suit the rim width, carcass character, as well as the volume of the tires. Then your rim pressure limit will determine if you will keep within that range or up to fifty to eighty psi especially when it is carbon hoops.

The special Procore valve of this unique product distributes air to the dual chambers. The top section of the valve works as a selector. A slight turn can enable you to choose the chamber where you will pump in the air.

The air pressure at the inner chamber of this tire with its special tube will protect the rider against snakes and burping. While the external chamber of extreme low pressure gives maximum grip with high performance. And it is a tubeless section with the sealant which ranges from 0.8-1.5 bar. The reduction of the pressure of the tire is to enable comfortable grip such that even when it is on very rough terrain, the tire will anchor to the ground.

PROCORE weighs about 200g per wheel. It is as compatible as to fit all wheels that work with tubeless tires notwithstanding the brand. The width of the rim is twenty-three millimeters and above.

PROCORE continues running when punctured due to the internal chamber which offers emergency running with its high pressure. When conditions are tough, lighter tires can be of use. The rims are safeguarded from denting.

PROCORE with its added traction and cushioning, the braking, steering as well as traction control has improved.

PROCORE kit comprises a procore tube with a special valve, procore inner tire and air guide tool, tubeless rim tape, and liquid sealant. There is an easy fit liquid for fitting and tire levers.




  • PROCORE VALVES are easy to use too.
  • They enable you to put air into the dual pressure chambers at the same time.
  • Removal, as well as installation, is quick and simple.
  • It functions well and quick too.
  • Procore is cheaper than other inserts
  • The system functions perfectly without sealant burping
  • Procore can give maximum rim protection
  • The insert is easily replaceable, and it is available in the local stores



  • This device is incompatible with a carbon rim
  • It does not alter the riders feel or handling
  • PROCORE does not have much impact how the bike is dealt with or how you rode.



DeanEasy looks similiar with Schwable’s procore, but same. made in Italy



Dean easy tubeplus--Wistio tubeless valve



Dean easy designed Tufo is a Tube and kit which looks like Schwalbe’s Procore in the sense that it features high pressure in its inner chamber which serves as rim protection against impacts while giving the external tubeless tire the freedom it requires in the running at a critically low PSIs as desired. DEANEASY looks like a tubeless tire. It does not look like an inner tube with an outer tire. This shows Tufo manufacturers expertise.

Deaneasy has been updating videos about tubular tire prototypes for years on youtube from 2011(0PSI test). Now they have started manufacturing with the kits. Their product was obtainable in Italy, but soon there will be an equitable distribution of the product to other countries. The product is available in the following versions 26, 27.5 as well as 29er. These sizes are for rims of the following width 21-24mm. The interior chamber is for pressures of at least 12 bars which made its use guaranteed with aluminum rims only. The producers claimed it is lighter than procore and therefore there was no list showing the different weights of the device.

Dean easy tubeless tire suspension system

Dean easy tubeless tire suspension system

The kit has valves, tubes and air guides in it. Tufo caused a variant of their usual tubular tires to be lighter and didn’t twist the valve to the outer surface when inflated. The box is fully packed up neatly with parts. The parts are dual tubular tires, sleeves and many valves, two air guides that are yellowish. Thread lock, an extra valve that is a replacement part, a sleeve closing device for installation, and a guide for rim drilling. Sizes are different, and Sealant remnants are their models. The dual valve may not look elegant, but it is straightforward in use

You will need to drill the valve holes in your rims bigger to contain these, but don’t need extra holes. Air guide for the tire is enclosed. The red valve deflates or inflates the outside tire. There is an adhesive for protecting the valve to the rim. The whole idea looks quite committing.  Its Presta valve for the inner chamber is standard and should be used with the tire.

Schwalbe’s as a two-chamber tire insert uses a tubular like the one used with non-clincher model rims. Installation is not so easy since you will have to drill out the rims to fit the dual-valve system. The use of high pressure by the inserts makes it carbon rims non-compatible. It would have been in the same class with procore if not for its incompatibility with carbon. When it comes to rim protection and bead locking, it works well just like procore. It does not impact the ride like the foam insert.




  • The kit contains a lot of items for comfort in a stranded state
  • Rim is protected well by this insert
  • It beads locks very well
  • Dean easy allows very low pressure too
  • The DH kit matches with inside rim widths from 26 to 32 mm.



  • The insert uses high pressure, and it is still not compatible with a carbon rim
  • Dean easy is the most complicating insert of all tested.
  • It needs drilling out the rims to fix the dual-valve mechanism.



Inserting things in your tire to prevent it from going flat is not a new idea. Technology has transgressed from strips that resist thorns to the tire-in-a-tire system yet inventors are looking for the best of it all. We tested five of the renowned tire insert in this review and to put them against one another to know the one that will make it to the top of them all. After many days of testing, we were able to get a handful of what we want to share with you in this review.



This product that was conceived not quite long ago, in 2016, managed to be the most polished and best-performing tire foam in the market. Though it is tough when it comes to installation and removal, yet it is excellent in vibration damping and rim protection. The cushcore does not only reduce the effect of sharp impact on the rider. It also reduces trail vibration to the feet or hands and helps to make chattery sections smooth thereby improving the general feel of the bike.  The “inner tire suspension system”  insert, outshined others in the competition due to the way it gives the best sidewall support when it runs at low pressure. The size of the cushcore insert or foam is larger than the size of the flat tire defender, and it weighs less than 50g per wheel.


  • Huck Norris popularly known as the peoples camp is simple, easy to use, cheap and the lightest among all. You may ask why we did not pick it as the first in position. The reason for that is its inability of adding the damped feeling one gets on flat tire defender or the cushcore. Furthermore, it does not scale high in preventing flat tire as well as rim protection. But when it comes to user-friendly, it is the best.
  • The trailside repair is like that of a modern setup while you enjoy more tire and rim protection to your boot. You will have all these merits at a very lower price than that of its competitors.


  • With the flat tire defender in line, the huck Norris fought significantly for the second position. This is because it has some areas of specialties that could have weighed the huck Norris down.
  • Such areas are in the smooth trail feeling, trail vibration (damping level). At this level, it can be compared to cushcore insert. It protects the rim, but you will feel some feedback unlike in cushcore inserts. But when it comes to ease of installation and removal, it is the first in the position.


  • The procore is a double chamber system which helps to prevent sealant burping as well as rim damage. When there is a puncture, it runs as a flat tire system till the end of the race. In its kit are two inner tires, tubes, tire levers, tubeless rim tapes, doc tire fitting aids, natural fit fluid for mounting, the bottle of doc tire sealant, all of these items are blue.
  • Schwalbe puts a slick tube insert in a super thin tire. This enables both the high-pressure chamber and the low-pressure chamber to get air through the same valve. You can replace the tube when punctured at a meager price too. It did not make it to the top because it does not go with the carbon rim. It also does not alter the way your bike operates like the others. The system functions well without burping. It has zero rim damage with no effect on how the bike rides and is handled.


My favorite? —  CUSHCORE


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