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Tubeless kit bike

Tubeless kit

The tubeless kit

For the regular cyclist, the most daunting task is that of a flat tire, which is a result of the tube inside the tire being punctured or the loss of air in the tube. Using tube tires is a conventional method that has been a part of the cycling industry since ages but now is the time for change and hassle free cycling. Shifting to tubeless kits for your bike is a decision you won’t regret. You will be free from the hassles of changing your tube and patching it up. Using a tubeless kit bike will make you confident about your bike and you are worry free about the tires going low on air. You have tubeless kits for road bikes that ensure you a safe ride whenever you commute. For the adventure seekers, tubeless kits for mountain bikes are available that see to it that your tires deliver high performance and give you the best thrills.

The correct tubeless kit for your bike

There are many tubeless kits available that consist of the tubeless valve stem, the tire sealant and universal kit tape.however, you should know how deep your rims are, since different rims request different valve length, as we know, longer enough valve stem could convince us do pump. but the longer the better. it will be broken if too long. and attention that round base application is different with Square one, sometimes, double rims request square base valve.

Also, what kind of pump do you have ? mostly are Schrader used. because mulit-function pump much expensive. no worries, just a simple valve adaptor/convertor can solve your problem easily.

Appearance is fine, but leading air, maybe you need to check valve core. it will be great if you have a valve core removal tool beside you.

also sometimes you need rims tape, sealant.or extender since you have a shorter valve stem in hand.

So Clear to know what you need, then purchase, or buy a whole set, you will need it sometimes if you love cycling.

colorful presta valves

Valve Core Removal Tool with Aluminium Tubeless Valves


Having other options for tubeless kits in the market there are a few reasons why WISITO is the preferred company to buy from. we WISTIO do more professional to our partners, like bike shop / wheel set companies.

Stan’s being the most famous brand offers a wide variety of products but they do not sell alloy made valves, which means the valves have a high chance of rusting and they have to be replaced eventually. Mavic is another tubeless kit manufacture company that offers a UST dismountable valve that can match with the UST rim profile. They do not sell alloy valves either which is a problem for the maintenance of the tires. The American classic just offers aluminum tubeless valves , while WISITO manufactures custom length up to 80mm. Speed evolution is a brand that has applied for a patent for its design with high price 24$.

WISTIO partner Spain customer made tubeless kit

Spain partner made tubeless kit based on WISTIO tubeless valve & removal tool. get good sales

WISITO offers you a large vulcanized rubber base in its valve systems to seal the valve holes that fit the rims perfectly. WISITO offers you design, length, precision and affordability. With specialized tubeless kits for mountain bikes and road bike, this company has trust in its products and is proud of the quality it provides.

Riding with WISTIO

Focus, make WISTIO aim to be #1 wholesales brand of bike tubeless valve.

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  1. Well, certainly we’ll here of dinstseers and exceptions to the rules, but we have ridden a lot of wheels here at TNI, and under riders of various weights. Plus we do talk to people now and again about what their experiences are. In our experience, and that of others we trust, the Crest rims are definitely not an all around rim for many people. The Cr29ssmax wheels? Not bad, but definitely flexy, and they are also narrower rims. Arch rims would be on the light side of what I was after, and narrow. For comparisons sake, the Frequency i23 rims weigh slightly less than Flows, and are similar dimensions. But you have a point about rider weight, and I’ll add to that the riding style of the person in question. In this sense, that is also what the All Arounder is for: a wheel that most could ride sensibly and not worry about, not just me.

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